Cartridge Review: Hawaiian Skunk (Hws)

Hawaiian Skunk – my first vape cartridge! As of yesterday Oregonian recreational users can buy concentrates.  The budtender said that Hawaiian Skunk tasted phenomenal, and boy was she right! Mine tested at 65.91% THC and 1.30% CBD and it tasted like a fruit punch jolly rancher! DELICIOUS, like candy! I’m already sold on vaping with cartridges over smoking flower. This is much stronger than flower, but cleaner, no ash or ashy taste, and so convenient to toke on! A little goes a long way, and this will be much cheaper than buying flower for me.

Hawaiian Skunk is definitely a sativa dominant hybrid and I’m enjoying a clear headed, non descript high. It tastes by far the best of any weed to date that I have smoked, but that was all through bongs and herb vapes, so I look forward to tasting other cartridge strains!  The high from Hawaiian Skunk rolls in in waves, so be careful!  One hit lasts me a few hours, I’m finding, but I’d say it really kicks in after 40 minutes.

Tomorrow after kickboxing I’m going to get an indica cartridge.  I’m so excited!


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