Cartridge Review: Raspberry Kush (Rsk)

After kickboxing (elevated with Hawaiian Skunk) I went back to the Oregon Grown Gift Shop to pick up another cartridge, this time Raspberry Kush. After all, I need an indica for night time use! The Hawaiian Skunk is definitely an upper.

My Raspberry Kush tested at 58.87% THC and 2.04% CBD, and it too tastes fantastic, every bit as sweet as the Hawaiian Skunk does! I’m reallllly liking this one, but I tend to prefer indicas in general. I only had two small hits and have already forgotten the taste, other than it was wonderfully fruity. This one has a lovely body high/couch lock.

I’m sold on the cartridges now, and ground up around 3g of Bloodwreck to make two “magic protein shakes” that are in the freezer for post workout meals next week after work 🙂 I can’t really see myself buying flower anymore and will grind up what I have remaining for edibles. If all goes well I will have plenty of bud from my garden to make lots of oil this fall, which will be so rad! I want to help my lungs as much as I can, and I really like the high I get from edibles, even if it takes a few hours to really kick in.

Okay, done rambling. Raspberry Kush gets a big thumbs up for both taste and high.  I feel very relaxed and could easily go take a nap, which I think I will do, as a matter of fact.


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