Cartridge Review: Lemon Haze (Lh)

Went to pick up a White Rhino cartridge but they were sold out, which made my decision much easier. It was now between Lemon Haze and Blue Dream, and since I’ve already had Blue Dream by flower I went with Lemon Haze, a sativa. It tastes fruity and sweet and lemony!  Reminds me of summer. sunshine, iced tea, and of course, lemons! YUM! I can’t get over how tasty all 3 of these Select Strains cartridge concentrates have been!  The ash and ashy taste are absent, which certainly improves the flavor.

This one tested at 64.73% THC and 1.37% CBD.

The high is difficult to pinpoint. It’s good! Visually and musically I don’t have a wow factor like I do with some other strains. I do feel it’s a good intellectual.thinking strain though, perhaps a good murder mystery movie or long discussions in close knit circles comparing the essence of poesis via Plato or Longinus.

I first felt Lemon Haze hit me in the back of the head, whereas usually I feel it first around my eyes in a raccoon shape. This is going to sound weird maybe, but when I drink my magic smoothies I can tell I’m going to have a fantastic trip when I start feeling it in my gums. Do any of you feel effects there? I know that when I feel sensations in my gums after drinking my smoothie that I will soon be laying in bed with very, ahem, happy sensations. It’s just the best! It seems like the more cottonmouth I have, the better the trip. It needs to be planned for ahead of time though. Solitude, phone on silent, no distractions not even music, just pure feeling!

So Lemon Haze is quite pleasant, but again, not the winner of the eternal ultimate quest to find the perfect Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica.  I get paid next week and look forward to picking up that Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies if they still have them. I’ve had both in flower form, and am curious if their awesomeness are magnified in concentrate form!


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