Cartridge Review: Black Cherry Cheesecake (Bcc)

Today getting baked on an empty stomach vaping Black Cherry Cheesecake, a cartridge by C02.  Not sure what I think of the C02 brand yet, but so far I like the feel and taste of the Select Strains cartridges better.  CO2’s tip is plastic and has a plastic looking encasement, and I think it is giving the vapors a plasticky taste.  The Select Strains brand has what looks to be a metal or ceramic tip, which is why I feel theirs taste better.  Now I know.  I would love to try Black Cherry Cheesecake by Select Strains to compare.  I would also buy a gram of the bud to try too.

This does taste like black cherry – yum!  and is one I could see being high on in public and carrying on regular conversations and just sitting back and enjoying myself and the chitter chatter of the people around me, maybe listening to some jazz or bluegrass and slowly working on a bowl of gumbo on a hot afternoon.  In fact, the more I think about it, this would be a great strain to grow because it really does have the best of the sativa and indica worlds.  Black Cherry Cheesecake’s parents are Black Cherry Soda, Super Silver Haze, and Cheese.

Mine tested at 56.5% THC and 1.7% CBD so I’m having both a nice head high and a nice body high.

Black Cherry Cheesecake is a winner, and one of the few I’d give 5 stars to on Leafly!


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