Cartridge Review: Sour Diesel (Sd)


Wow this Sour Diesel cartridge from Select Strains is STRONG!  The budtender said it tested at 80 something % and the label looks like 85. something %, but the font is teensy weensy and I can’t make everything out very well, even with a flashlight! Regardless of listed THC percentage – DAMN! this one packs a serious punch! It’s a sativa and does have a strong, long lasting head high. I’m giggling a bit and just blown away by the force of this one!

I thought it would taste like gas, but it does only a little bit; to me it tastes more like a sour scratchy pine. I would totally get this again sometime.

There is a strong buzzy head high, and because of the strength I’m not so sure I’d want to be out in public for this one out of fear of not being able to walk a straight line, things like that.



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