Cartridge Review: Green Queen (Gq)

I picked up the last cartridge of Green Queen by Select Strains at my dispensary today. It was a bit leaky, and now the vape pen keeps blinking even though it’s charged. Grrr.  Luckily my other herb vape pen base is working, so I did get high on this today, and it is a really good one.  It tastes like citrussy pine and it kicked me in the pants!  I felt like I had kissed a Douglas Fir tree!  Mine tested at 75.49%  THC  and .41%  CBD.

In true hybrid fashion, Green Queen both cleared my head and made me sleepy at the same time. I would totally buy this one again, and am now interested in her parent, Space Queen, as a future indica purchase. This one is strong, so test at home first before going out in public!



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