Lung Cancer: The Inevitable Conversation

So, lung cancer and pulmonary problems run rampant on both sides of my family, and I learned last night that my mom’s lung cancer has returned. We had seen the signs, and I don’t give her more than six months, but we will see.

I have had pneumonia more than once and used to smoke cigarettes from ages 17-27.  I’m now 48 and smoke pot/vape on a regular basis, and I know that if I don’t cut way back that my fate will be that of my mother someday.

That said, as I vape this yummy Green Queen extract and ponder this dilemma, I am praying to the green gods once again that no one steals my outdoor plants, my first grow, because I am counting on all that flower to make edibles for the year, a lung friendly way to enjoy our favorite plant.

I’m in a surreal state right now, my mom is going to most certainly die.  I’m an athletic person and shouldn’t be smoking pot anyway.  But damn!  It’s soooo dreamy wonderful…

My tolerance has gone up since I’ve been smoking pot almost every day since mid-January.  I’m kind of surprised, actually, that these concentrates don’t hit me harder than they do, and now I see why people do dabs.  I’m lazy and don’t want to mess with the dab setup and needing a torch to light up so I do so appreciate these cartridges!

This has me thinking about taking a tolerance break.  I don’t want these extracts to go bad, but perhaps I won’t buy any more, use up what I have, and then go cold turkey.  They say you get REM rebound and you get wildly vivid dreams.  That could be fun!

Still, and I know I’m rambling here, while I’m all over vaping extracts now, still there is something extra special about smoking flower. I like the connection of burning and taking it in in its natural form, and I gotta wonder how many terpenes get lost in the extract process? I still take bong hits before bed and even though the bud has 40% less THC in it than the extracts I use, it still gets me plenty high, so you know other factors are at work besides just THC.  Maybe someday I’ll just buy a gram of this, a gram of that, and smoke just once or twice a week.  That could be fun and casual… I’m just not a middle path person, even though it is better to be that way…



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