Cartridge Review: Blue Dream (Bd)

Tonite I picked up Select Strain’s Blue Dream at the Oregon Grown Gift Shop.  I’d been wanting to see how the extract compared to the flower and I gotta say the high is the same – hurray for consistency!   Oddly though, the flower tasted better to me than the concentrate, and usually it’s the other way around.  Hmm!

No matter – there’s a reason Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains right now.  It does taste like blueberry with just a vague hint of pine.   For me this hybrid is definitely a sativa.  I’m clear headed and energetic.  This one is great for daytime use and when you need to be more productive and off the couch.

What stands out for me is how “awake” I feel medicating with Blue Dream, a natural energy, not a caffeine energy.  The kind of energy you feel after a Sunday morning yoga class.  Since I generally prefer indicas over sativas, Blue Dream is not in my top 5 strains, but it’s definitely a strain I will buy again someday.


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