Weekend Anticipation

TGIF, Stoner Friends!

It’s been a helluva week, from telling my mother she has terminal cancer to homeless people trespassing on my property this morning.  I’m ready to hit Glisan Buds after work for 1g of Ultra Violet flower and of course the Friday special, the 25¢ joint.  I hope Goth Boy is there!   It’s taking a lot of restraint on my part to not buy several new strains of flower to try, but I really need to use up what I have.  I’m good on cartridges now for a long time.  I have 7 total, and the yummy but leaky Green Queen one will get used up probably by the end of tomorrow.  The other 6 non-leaky ones will last me several weeks, and they are all fabulous so no need to get more, even though I desire to try them all!

It’s weird, as much as I loooove vaping these potent concentrates and how non-messy and convenient it is and how much easier it is on the lungs, I still really cherish the Flower and am happy my pretty bong and now pretty pipe are by my bedside along with some indica flower to enjoy before bedtime.


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