Strain Review: Big Wreck (Bgw)

Tonite I’m vaping flower, some of the Big Wreck I picked up tonite from Glisan Buds.  At last, after 3 weeks, Goth Boy was there!  He wasn’t my budtender but we did exchange a few lines.  I probably outweigh him by 80 lbs.
Per Leafly, “Big Wreck is the indica-dominant cross of Big Bud and Trainwreck. This chunky combination offers functional relaxation with an uplifted mental buzz that some might describe as creative. This strain becomes very sedative with continuous use and may also stimulate your appetite.”
I appreciate my G-Slim vape even more now that I’m medicating with the concentrates. The cartridges totally work on the G-Glim, which was primarily made for flower. It’s nice having a second vape on the charger in case you drain the battery.
Tonite’s the first night in a couple of weeks that I’ve used it for flower.
Like Ultra Violet, this indica doesn’t taste very good :/ However, also like Ultra Violet, I’m liking Big Wreck’s high very much! Very relaxing, cozy…a good one for sitting in front of a fireplace on a December afternoon while it’s snowing outside.
I would totally buy Big Wreck again someday!

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