Cartridge Review: Blue Cheese (Chz)

Today one of my marijuana dreams came true:  I at last got to try Blue Cheese and compare it with Blue Chunk.  Were they the same?  The answers is, no, they are not – but they have a very similar smell, taste, and high.  I’m in love.

I was so excited to see that my neighborhood dispensary, The Oregon Grown Gift Shop, got in Blue Cheese in my favorite cartridge brand they carry, Select Strains.  Mine tested at 61.59% THC and 1.56 CBD.

The parents of Blue Cheese are Blueberry and UK Cheese, and as you might expect, tastes like a blend of the two.  The high is simply dreamy, a lovely couch lock but not a knock out so you can enjoy your evening awake in a warm cloud of intrigue and mystery.  It is the most romantic of weed strains I have tried.

I can honestly say this is my favorite strain to date.  I’m an indica gal, and this does the job while smelling and tasting superb.  I am looking into growing this strain next year.


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