Taking Inventory

I feel that with my last purchase, the Blue Cheese cartridge, that my weed collection became complete somehow.  I really need to use up what I have before acquiring more, tempting though it is to try all the marijuana!

I have 8 cartridges for vaping, though I will be down to 7 after today or tomorrow:

Green Queen (almost gone, a definite favorite!)
Blue Dream
Hawaiian Skunk
Black Cherry Cheesecake
Lemon Haze
Sour Diesel
Raspberry Kush
Blue Cheese

On my nightstand is my indica station where I have my bong, pipe, and flower.  As much as I just love being able to vape the potent concentrates, I still deep down prefer smoking the organic flower, even if my lungs do not.  Smoking it this way is ceremonious somehow and I think that aspect of it also helps me to sleep.  I currently have small amounts of:

Obama Kush
Ultra Violet
Big Wreck
Skywalker Kush
Blue Chunk
UK Cheese

So if I *must* buy something and try something new, I tell myself I can buy a gram of an indica strain on a Friday at Glisan Buds to get the 25 cent joint.  That’s how I discovered Ultra Violet, which was so effective I went back and got 2 more grams of it.  I wish it tasted better…but it definitely adds on layers of relaxation, as does Big  Wreck, the other not great tasting one. Obama Kush is only slightly better, as it too is pretty earthy, but there are definite berry notes which help.  Skywalker Kush smells and tastes floral.  Not unpleasant, but weird.  Great strain for sleep though so a thumbs up from me! Blue Chunk is my favorite indica to date, neck and neck with Blue Cheese. UK Cheese is an indica dominant hybrid and smells and tastes out of this world.  The Blue Cheese cartridge I like so much smells and tastes great too, but there’s something about dank flower that trumps all!

The girls outside are all doing well.  Looking forward to a week of sunshine and hotter weather to give them a growth spurt!  Clone #3 in the pot is still looking the best, in my opinion. I’m happy to say the leaves on her are big and fat, so I’m hoping mine winds up being more indica dominant but hey I’ll be happy with whatever!  Tangerine Dream gets high ratings so I’m not worried.  The only thing I’m worrying about at this point are THIEVES.  Praying so hard for a successful harvest!  I have a couple of clones inside as backups and if the worst happens and someone steals my babies, I can at least attempt growing indoors with my limited resources – or just keep cloning clones and such til next season.



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