Strain Review: Plushberry (Psh)

My main dispensary, The Oregon Grown Gift Shop, got in a series of new (to me) berry indicas that I just had to try!  I ultimately decided on two grams each of 9 Pound Hammer and Plushberry, and I paid a dollar more for a joint as their daily special and went with their strongest, Headband. Score!

Plushberry…. just… wow… it’s my new favorite indica.  It has a heavy earth smell with a layer of red wine on top of that.  It tastes mostly earthy but the high is just incredible, like being wrapped in a brand new plum purple plush blanket on a fluffy feather bed with warm white noise in the background and someone nearby tending to your every need as you drift off into Slumberland..

It’s going to be tough resisting the urge to go back and buy more, but I need to use up what I have (poor me, ha ha)



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