A Little OCD, Maybe?

So I went back to the Oregon Grown Gift Shop today to get yet more kinds of weed.  Six more kinds to be precise, and let’s not forget the $1 preroll.  I’m obsessed with trying all the indica strains ever grown while sampling new sativas and hybrids to experience along the way.

Today I picked up 1 gram each of:

  1. Blue Blood (my first high CBD strain- 9.66% THC and 10.29 % CBD)
  2. Platinum Kush
  3. Granddaddy Blueberry Purps
  4. Kosher Kush
  5. Blueberry
  6. Zen Tec

So now I REALLY must use up what I have and resist getting more!  Unless maybe it’s to get the 25 cent joint at Glisan Buds on a Friday and force myself to just stop at 1 gram.

I sampled the Blue Blood when I got home because I’ve been curious about high CBD strains.  Even though this only tested at 9.66% THC I could feel the effects after smoking a small bowl of it.  One evening I will smoke only this strain and will be able to write a proper review.  I can say my body feels relaxed 🙂



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