Friday Before a Long Holiday Weekend

Off to Glisan Buds to pick up some new weed to try and of course to pick up the 25 ¢ joint, which is their Friday special.  Hoping Goth Boy is there!!!  I am wearing ALL black today and my long black wavy hair is laying down.  It’s really silly how much I look forward to seeing him.  I feel like a schoolgirl.  He may not even like girls and I’m pretty sure I’m older than he is… but it’s fun to actually feel aroused by someone.  I seldom have crushes and I normally don’t go for skinny guys with facial piercings, but there’s just something about him. He wears guyliner… swoon..

Today I’ll be picking up:

Star Master Kush (I’ve had this before, it’s wonderful)
Tahoe OG

I was thrilled to read in Leafly’s reviews that LSD was an indica dominant hybrid!  With a name like LSD (lemon sour diesel) that supposedly gives a trippy head high, I would have pegged it for more of a sativa.   I’m going to get 2g of this one because it could just be the perfect one for me.  I love laying in bed all super relaxed off to sleep with otherworldly spiritual visual stimulation.




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