Strain Review: LSD – aka Lemon Sour Diesel (Lsd)

When I arrived at Glisan Buds there was a guy ahead of me who was fiddling around trying to find his license.  I saw that Goth Boy (be still my beating heart) was at the counter and wasted no time. I beamed a smile and exclaimed, “I have mine!” as I passed him my license under the plastic barrier.  He smiled and opened the door to let me in, but it appeared to be busy inside and the counter was pretty much Goth Boy’s station.  I got Vegan Hippy Dude instead as my budtender, but Goth Boy and I still made some eye contact all the same (note: if any of my friends at Glisan Buds happen to be reading this, I only give you these nicknames because none of you have introduced yourselves to me)

Vegan Hippy Dude is also awesome 🙂  He thanked me for being a repeat customer, and weighed all of my purchases heavy!  Score!  Thanks Buddy!  Goth Boy and I did exchange some smiles and I just gazed longingly.  I’m like 90% sure he doesn’t like girls, but you know, I would still enjoy a purely platonic relationship with him anyway.  Who knows, maybe he’ll need some older woman advice someday.  I have never kissed a man with 4 lip piercings before but now I really want to.  Ug!!!!  I am fascinated by this leather fanny pack thing he wears.  It’s really cool!  It’s bdsmy looking while being very practical.  It’s black leather with tiny studs and reminds me of a tool belt.  My mind immediately went to some really nasty places when Vegan Hippy Dude interrupted my reverie. “That’ll be be $73.25 today”.

Okay, enough soap opera.  I told myself I wasn’t going to buy more weed but that 25 cent donation joint Friday deal is such a steal I can’t help it and also they had LSD (aka Lemon Sour Diesel) in, a strain I have been dying to try!  The one I have is a 70/30 sativa dominant hybrid, THC 21.4%, CBD .2%.

I smoked it in the new bubbler pipe I got today, and HOLY FUCK this is STRONG!  I give this strain full marks.  It tastes lemon citrussy with a hint of diesel, and my body was literally tingling all over with sprinkles of stardust tapping in magic as they softly fell on my skin.  I am so glad that I decided on a whim to buy a full eighth of Lemon Sour Diesel, because my body is relaxed, and my mind is enjoying all the great sativa qualities of sensory explosion and cerebral creativity without any anxiety or paranoia.  The color orange right now to me is positively riveting [later – as many have said on Leafly, LSD started out as a sativa, then later knocked me out and put me to sleep.  I woke up 4 hours later]

I find it interesting that this bowl of LSD at 21.4% hits me harder than my vape concentrate of Sour Diesel that is over 80% THC.  The quality of the high from the two is night and day.  For me the high is much better from the flower, and my hunch is that lots of terpenes are lost in the production process of the concentrates. There is so much more to weed than THC and CDB.  While weed usually tastes better vaped and my lungs like the vape better – the rest of me prefers the flower.

In addition to the LSD and donation joint, I also picked up a gram of Tahoe OG and a gram of Razzberry.  Razzberry smells and tastes DELICIOUS and Tahoe is nice too.  I only smoked a teensy bit of those though and will review them later.


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