Canna Cupcakes – Today’s Venture

If any of you are from Portland, Oregon, and happen to live on the east side, there’s a really great discount grocery store called Everyday Deals on 147th and Stark.  That is where I got this expired box of Duncan Hines cake mix for 79 cents.  It’s just a bunch of flavored flour and some preservatives so I’m sure it’s fine.


The recipe calls for 1/4 cup of oil, and the night before I had made some canna-oil just for these cupcakes.  I used all of the dollar joints I got at Oregon Grown Gift Shop and the all of the donation joints I got at Glisan Buds for 25 cents each in a rectangular pyrex container, so that’s five joints and what was left in my grinder, so overall a mostly sativa mix.  I reheated the canna-oil in the microwave and poured it on top of 1 cup of almond milk in the Vitamix. Because this amounted to more than 1/4 cup of oil I added in a packet of chocolate whey protein powder to make it a tad more healthy and filling.  I cracked open the two eggs and added in the cake mix and whirred it all up.

While these were baking in the oven I mixed up 8 tablespoons of butter with the frosting mix.  God I can’t wait til next year when I can make this part with my own cannabutter from my very own crop!  Continued prayers please that no one steals my babies!


They came out just fine, I baked them for around 25 minutes at 350 degrees.


Voila!  Eaten at 3:00 pm ish.  Hoping by 5:00 I start to feel the body high that normally follows.   I’d rather have the cupcakes be too strong than not strong enough.  This is the virgin voyage to see what the strength will be since it’s different every time.  It’s only been 45 minutes.. I did take a hit or two of Purple Trainwreck and I’m drinking an IPA too so I could be in for more of a ride than anticipated?  Time will tell!


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