Oops I did it Again.

I was out with my friend Cindi and she had only been to a dispensary once before. I told her about that wonderful Blue Blood high CBD strain I was smoking and she was interested.  Blue Blood smells and tastes phenomenal, and the THC is only 9 point something percent but the CBDs are at 10 point something percent – perfect for an infrequent smoker who has back pain!

I was happy to take her to the Oregon Grown Gift Shop because bringing in a new customer got me $5 off! I am SERIOUSLY done buying more weed for awhile because I simply can’t afford any more. I have enough for a looooooong time between the vape concentrates and flower I have accumulated. But here were more I couldn’t resist because two of them were only $7/gram and the others smelled so good. The only one of these I have already tried is Blackberry Kush. This is one that aroused me sexually and I got it originally at Glisan Buds. I’m wondering if this bud from Oregon Grown Gift Shop will also do this? I also was able to score a joint for a dollar since I spent enough $ to do so. Here’s what I picked up 1g of:

Blackberry Kush (hope the erotic fantasies return!)
Purple Trainwreck
Granddaddy Purple
Day Tripper
Cheese Quake

I’ll review all of these in good time. This afternoon I’m vaping Blue Dream concentrate while sipping on a hard cider.  I’m about to take a cat nap (with a cat, even).



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