Strain Review: Day Tripper (Day)

One of the many grams I picked up at The Oregon Grown Gift Shop today was Day Tripper, mostly because it was only $7/gram and I hadn’t tried it before. It tested at 21. 18% THC and CBD 1.29%.  It smells citrussy and tastes a bit like metallic grapefruit, and it left a buttery taste in my mouth after the exhale.Nice!

I feel some sensation in the top back of my head and I feel the energizing effects of this sativa dominant hybrid.

The high is a nice mellow uplift like a mango sorbet at a posh summer resort on the lake.  Nothing too crazy, but a treat nonetheless.

I’m enjoying smoking a couple of bowls of Day Tripper this evening (I’m always breaking the rules) but don’t see buying Day Tripper again. There are too many outstanding strains out there I still haven’t tried, and I’m more of an indica gal as a general rule anyway. I rate this one as just average.


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