My First Bubbler Pipe

Yes, now that I have enough weed to last me at least 2 months my greed and desire to accumulate has shifted to pipes and potentially cheap lighters.  The first pipe I bought was a wooden swivel pipe because that’s what my last boyfriend had.  It has a hideaway hole in it where you can store a second bud, so it’s nice to take out and about.  I decided to buy a second one so I could have one for sativas and one for indicas. The smoke though is soooo harsh from these small wooden pipes..


This prompted me to pick up a locally made hand blown personal sized orange design on light orange glass bong.  This did seem to ease up on the lungs a bit, but still, I am someone who is prone to pulmonary problems so I need to be careful.

So logically my next apparatus was the G-Slim Vape pen for flower!  This was fun to try, initially.  The herb did taste much better on the inhale and exhale and it was potent!  However, because of the slim size, I kept having to refill it, and that got old fast.

On June 2nd when Oregon recreational users were able to buy concentrates I quickly switched from vaping flower to vaping concentrates.  They had a special going on where when you bought a Select Strains cartridge you could get the pen for just $10 more and it came with a nice case/kit.

Man oh my was I in hog heaven!  The average THC content of my Select Strain brand cartridges are 65%.  I have one that is even over 80% THC!  So you’d think I’d never look at flower again given these numbers, and for a month or so that was the case.  My lungs were happier for sure.  The rest of my body though ultimately was not.

I have no proof of this but I am convinced that a LOT of terpenes are burned off in the production of the concentrates.  There is so much more to pot than THC and CBD – indeed, there are hundreds of terpenes that contribute to the makeup of that strain of flower.

When I went with my friend to the head shop I fell in love with a glass pipe and just had to have it, even though I was pretty much sold on the concentrates.  This purchase led me back to smoking flower again.


When I smoke flower I feel the effects right away, within 15 minutes or so, and each kind has its own special high.  I hold the hand blown glass pipe to my lips and inhale and think of Native Americans sharing cannabis around a campfire under the stars.  I am using the element of fire to bring the essence of the flower into me and the green herb burns before me.. I swear it hits me stronger than my concentrates, even though flower at best is usually no more than 25%.

When I vape I’m holding a factory made hipster steam punky looking pen.  It’s potent and very convenient to take with you, but let’s face it, it lacks heart.

I had seen at the head shop some bubbler pipes, and I had always been curious about them.  I wound up getting one at a better price on Amazon, and it is my favorite pipe to date!


I see now how people accumulate lots of pipes 🙂 and indeed I have another glass pipe from Amazon en route:


Having fun supporting artists, right???



2 thoughts on “My First Bubbler Pipe

  1. Looks like you’re starting a nice little collection for yourself. Trying lots of different things really helps you learn a lot as you go. It sounds like you’re already starting to get a handle of what kind of things you’re looking for specifically. Shouldn’t be long before you’re seeking out specific artists to have something special made just for you. Cheers.

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