Strain Review: Purple Trainwreck (Pt)

Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!  I spent the afternoon at a friend’s party and have almost finished up a gram of Purple Trainwreck.

Purple Trainwreck smells like purple grape mixed with forest floor vegetation.  On the exhale it tastes like pine.  Mine tested at 18.28 % THC and .29% CBD.  This is supposedly a sativa dominant hybrid but on me it’s straight down the middle. I’m both relaxed with warm fuzzy alertness and I gotta say, what a nice, gentle way to wind down on a weekend evening before joining the rat race again tomorrow.

This would be a great strain for someone new to smoking cannabis.  It’s not as strong as some other strains and you get both the relaxation and happy uplift benefits of this nicely matched hybrid.  I’m in a content dreamy mood and am savoring the magic of nighttime.  While not in my top 5, I would totally buy Purple Trainwreck again someday.

On a more practical note:  I hope the fireworks end at a reasonable time this year so I can sleep tonite!



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