Strain Review: Razzberry Kush

Now I have tried the Select Strains’ vape concentrate of Raspberry Kush, but the flower Razzberry Kush might be different, I’m not sure, though they do seem to share a lot of qualities. I picked up this indica at Glisan Buds, and it is stinky dank 🙂  The bud smells like deep, ripe raspberry with masculine musk undertones.  The first inhale goes on like a velvet glove, and YOU are ready for the soirée.

If you are looking for something cerebral, something to spark your creativity, stare at artwork for an hour… Razzberry might not be for you. Razzberry is physical, a light caress on the cheek, a glass of pinot noir on a December night, hot breath on a window pane.

Mine tested at 18.57% THC and .31% CBD.  What can I say, I really like this one a lot.  Not sure if it’s in my top 5, but could easily be in my top 10.

Razzberry is a dreamy strain.  It’s very relaxing, but won’t put you to sleep either.  You’re somewhere in between both worlds.  I’m enjoying floating here.

razzberry kush


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