Strain Review: Cheese Quake (Cq)

I’m smoking Cheese Quake for the first time in my new pipe tonite.  I like the pipe a lot and Cheese Quake is positively scrumptious!  A 7 on the Richter scale!  Drop, cover, hold!

Cheese Quake smells and tastes like cheese with pine – good enough to eat. And now I want red wine and a baguette to go with it.   Actually I’m not getting the munchies with this strain, the baguette just sounds nice.  You know, to go with the CHEESE!

Mine tested at 17.44% THC and .29% CBD.  Leafly says it’s a 60/40 indica dominant hybrid but mine feels more like a sativa to me. I’m relaxed but also energized, perfect for earlier on in the evening like when you just get home from work, but I wouldn’t use this one as a sleep aid; there are many other strains that are better for that.

I’m enjoying this high very much and would totally buy Cheese Quake again.  Would love to get a vape concentrate of this strain, I bet it would be amazing!


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