Size Envy

So I look in my Facebook groups and pics of my friend’s son’s plants, and everyone else’s girls are bigger than mine 😦 I don’t know if it’s the Tangerine Dream strain or if should have started the inside germination and early veg process in January instead of February?  Next year will go much more smoothly, I’m sure, and the thought of picking out a new strain to grow next year gets me all tingly inside.

The girls are all very healthy and I’m not complaining, for a first timer I’m doing great and all is going as planned, but I do hope they get some size this month of July!  It’s been a mild, overcast summer and looks to be in the 70s with clouds again next week. Ug! Sol, where are you? In a former life I would have been elated with this mild summer, but with my beloved patio pool and mowie wowies I want it to be hot outside!


I positively LONG to be back soaking and splashing in my beloved POOL and this summer I’ve had to drain and clean it twice due to disuse/slime buildup 😦  last year was a real scorcher and I was in it nearly every day for a solid 2+ months, lots parties with friends and family.  And now I have my girls to talk to and gaze upon while in there!


This is the view from my desk today.  Does this look like July weather to you??  BTW see the hill off to the left?   That’s Mt. Tabor.  I live near there, and it’s a super place to go walking/hiking/biking/discreetly smoke weed.  I’m really blessed to have Nature so close by in the city!


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