Strain Review – Jillybean (Jil)

I never made it to the gym today, I was too high on Lemon Haze concentrate and Lemon Sour Diesel flower (LSD for short). I did manage, however, to make it to my favorite dispensary, the Oregon Grown Gift Shop, to pick up their specials. One of those specials was Jillybean at $7/gram so I picked up 2 grams of it.

While it only tests at 12.5% THC and .99% CBD, it smells FANTASTIC, just like Juicy Fruit gum! On the exhale it tastes like sweet lychees. My mouth waters just writing this, it really gets full marks for taste and smell!  The nugs are covered in dense orange hairs, soooo pretty to look at!  So far the high is nicely layering over the fading Lemon Sour Diesel one. In fact I’m beginning to think this could be an indica dominant hybrid because I’m starting to feel relaxed and a bit more grounded.  I can tell already that Jillybean will be a perfect after work evening strain, really smooth and easy to wind down with.

I’ve learned to never judge a strain by its THC content, as there hundreds of other terpenes in cannabis that play a role in the overall effect.  In fact, for my $1 joint today at the Oregon Grown Gift Shop I selected a low THC high CBD strain because it smells and tastes phenomenal, and because of the high CBDs I feel perfectly relaxed and clear headed. This new favorite of mine is Blue Blood, which I will review soon.  Part of me would like to grow a high CBD strain someday because if you made edibles with them you’d get hella strong relaxation and a higher THC than from just smoking flower because the edibles are so concentrated. Blue Blood tastes so great, it would be wonderful for baking.

A high CBD strain I regret not picking up at Glisan Buds is Merlot, which smelled out of this world but I didn’t buy it because of the low THC content.  I’m kicking myself now, and hoping they get it in again!  (Any excuse to see Goth Boy).


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