Strain Review: Blue Blood (Bue)

Blue Blood is my very first high CBD low THC strain, and would you believe it, Blue Blood is in my top 5 strains?   It takes first place in smell and taste – it truly smells like pure blueberry, more than any other “blue” strain I’ve tried, and I’ve tried many of them.  For smell and taste alone I would give it full marks, but the specialness of Blue Blood doesn’t stop at smell and taste.

While the THC is low (mine only tested at 9.66%) the CDBs are very high at 10.29%.   My body almost instantly feels relaxed after smoking Blue Blood, like my body melts into the mattress and the full body relaxation leads to a lovely couch lock while only being lightly high.

I use indica every night to help me sleep, so what I’ve been doing is smoking a bowl of a higher THC indica such as Blackberry Kush, then after that smoke a bowl of Blue Blood to top it off.

What I would like so much is to get a vape concentrate of Blue Blood.  If I ever see Blue Blood seeds for sale I would totally consider growing a crop of it some year.


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