Strain Review: Zen Tec

This Sunday’s wake & bake is with Zen Tec.  I don’t see anything for Zen Tec on Leafly, just “Zen“, and somehow I don’t think it’s the same, but that Zen is probably one of the parents of Zen Tec.

Mine tested at 17.42% THC and .32% CBD.   It smells and tastes like balsam and don’t let the numbers fool you, this one is strong.  I feel sensation, some pressure inside my head by the ears  and  even though I just woke up I’m starting to yawn, making me think that Zen Tec might be more of an indica dominant hybrid, at least on me.  The taste and smell make me think of bamboo forests in Japan at a Buddhist monastery, incense lit as the monks chant to Amida and prostrate before the Buddha of Infinite Life.

The pressure inside the head is what makes this strain stand out for me. It doesn’t hurt and it’s not necessarily even uncomfortable, but it’s noticeably there all the same.  I just ordered some pizza and have a feeling a catnap is in my not so distant future.

(later) I ate some pizza and now I’m in a perfect place of couch lock.  I am gonna watch tv, color, and enjoy the relaxation and head space.  This is a really fabulous hybrid!

I like this one for taste and smell and possibly as a nightcap, and would totally buy it again someday.


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