The Agonizing Wait

So my girls are doing great!  They aren’t as tall as some others I see in my Facebook groups but they are strong, healthy, and on their way.  It has been an cloudy/overcast summer here in Portland, Oregon, so far for the most part in the mid-seventies.  I see pics of other peoples’ plants who are flowering and I’m just DYING to see my girls poof out some buds!

The hot weather will be here soon enough.  Tangerine Dream has a 70-75 day flowering period and harvest time is the end of October.  What a nice Halloween treat that will be, provided no one steals them, a perpetual concern of mine given my neighborhood.

I daydream all the time what it will be like to trim and hang them upside down in my 2nd bathroom to dry, and I’m dying to know what my outdoor home grow will smell like.  I read a tip that if your bud gets too dry in the jar you can put an orange peel in it for a bit to gently add moisture and zest back in, and that smell and taste will go nicely with Tangerine Dream!  Tangerine Dream supposedly has around 25% THC and 1.8 % CBD – great stats!

If Tangerine Dream winds up being the cat’s meow then I will just grow it again next year.  I’m keeping a plant alive inside to make more clones to give to friends and to use for next season.

Anyway, on Facebook I saw this pic of newly budding girl in a laundry soap bucket in a very urban, somewhat scary looking neighborhood, and it had a dozen or so baby buds that were starting to grow and my heart smiled.  This plant looked stickly compared to mine (probably because it was lollipopped), and it’s doing great!   So I’m guessing that my girls, who get lots of pampering,  will give me more than enough medicine for a year 🙂  I can’t wait to smoke my very first home grown bud!!!  I know I will love my home grown Tangerine Dream no matter what.

The bulk of my crop will be used for making edibles.  At last I will have the quantity needed to make a big batch of oil and butter.

Getting the girls from seedlings/clones to outdoor veg was the hardest part of this journey and I learned a LOT along the way.   Next year will be soooooo much easier!   Right now Mother Nature is doing most of the work, I just keep bending branches out to the side  to make the plants fuller.  I’m dying to know when I will see the first hint of a flower!  Late August?  September?

Of course I’m already thinking about next year.  For 2017 I want to grow a heavy indica strain if I don’t do Tangerine Dream again, something purply looking with big, fat leaves.  Heck, if I’m not tired of growing cannabis after this harvest I may try growing a ruderalis/autoflower strain inside for the winter just for kicks!  I don’t have a fancy light setup but I have considered getting a cheap grow tent to grow ruderalis indoors.

Yes, the obsession continues..




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