Strain Review: White Urkle (Wur)

To reward myself for going to the gym and taking a killer hard Spin class I went to the dispensary across the street from the gym and picked up 3 new to me strains, just one gram each.

The first of these is White Urkle.  It’s a supposedly indica dominant hybrid and the parents are Purple Urkle and The White.  It smells wonderful!  Wafts of sweet earth pungently assuage your nostrils and you inhale something akin to winter morning forest dew.  On the exhale it tastes like freshly chopped wood.  All of the sudden I really want to go camping.

Mine tested at 23.73% THC and .89% CBD.   It’s quite strong and will make you cough, and the high is nice and strong too, like I’m running into the arms of Paul Bunyan.

Full marks for this strain!  It’s strong, I’m getting high quickly, smells and tastes like a forest, and I do feel it’s a perfect hybrid, and on me it’s acting more as a sativa dominant hybrid.  I’m relaxed but not at all couch locked and am having a cerebral experience at the moment.  Food, wine, and music are all extraordinary tasting and sounding. I am sold on this one, and will go back and get an eighth of it!

God I love Ganja.


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