White Widow Ruderalis~

I decided to order some White Widow seeds, $45 for 5 feminized autoflower seeds.  Southern Oregon Seeds rocks because they throw in another [random] packet of seeds for free! I fucked up my free packet of seeds last time by not starting them in wet paper towels; I just put them in moist soil – which worked for all of the Tangerine Dream seeds, but none of the Southern Oregon Blueberry seeds.  Live and learn!  We paper towel method from now on!

I’ve been attracted to the idea of growing an autoflower strain because they have a set photoperiod, there’s less guessing when things are gonna happen and you don’t have to worry about light as much – not that that I do now because my girls are outside and Mother Nature is doing that work for me.

I want to grow White Widow indoors, and I like that ruderalis strains don’t grow as tall and are used to harsh conditions in the wild.  I’m a pretty good gardener, but still, I don’t need any big challenges at this early stage of the game!

Outside I’m growing Tangerine Dream, which is a sativa dominant hybrid. I’m hoping to harvest when the trichromes are more amber to get a more indica effect from them, but I wanted to grow something that was more of an indica, hence the White Widow.

Lastly, I want to grow the White Widow indoors because I live in a sketchy neighborhood and I constantly worry that my outside girls will get stolen 😦  even though they are on my back patio, I’ve had homeless people go up past my front door to go through my cans and bottles and some of my yard art has been stolen, so I can just envision someone trespassing on to my property, going through my bottles and cans, then smelling my girls’ beautiful perfume and taking them.

White Widow autoflower I feel I can grow indoors without any special equipment.  I’ll start them under the kitchen halogens like I did with Tangerine Dream, and once it gets too big for that space I will move her upstairs by a sunny window and lamp.  I will grow White Widow one at a time, so the seeds will last awhile.

We’ll see what happens!



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