If Nothing Else, More White Urkle!

So I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree lately with buying bud. I’ve been going for variety over quantity, so I typically I purchase 1 gram each of 4 or 5 different strains in my never ending quest to find the perfect Indica.
I have all the bud and vape cartridges I need, seriously, but it’s SO FUN to try new ones I can hardly stand it! I know deep down that I really need to just use what I have before buying more, but…but..
I must get more White Urkle! It has officially replaced Blue Chunk as my favorite strain. Last night I got *really* high and let’s just say I’m looking forward to a repeat performance this evening. I will pick up an 8th of it tomorrow, because I have one bowl’s worth left from yesterday’s gram.
I’m not made of money and I *should* be good and NOT go to Glisan Buds tomorrow, but it’s so tempting because:
  1. Goth Boy (swoon) might be there.  Even though I’m probably a good 10 years older than him, I outweigh him by at least 50 lbs, and I don’t think he even likes girls, I can’t help it I have a huge crush on him.  I’ve never kissed a man with 4 lip piercings before, but now I want to.
  2. Cannalope
  3. Blue Zombie
  4. Shishkaberry
  5. Friday 25 cent joint with purchase

I will probably just eat out less and smoke more.  Because you know, priorities.



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