Strain Review: Dom Perignon

The dispensary by the gym gets some really unique strains in, and Dom Perignon was one of the three new (to me) strains I picked up yesterday, just 1 gram each.

Dom Perignon is not listed in Leafly but is said to be a heavy indica.  It smells AMAZING, like burgundy wine with sweet berry overtones.  On the exhale it tastes like frosted berries and I think of heavy velvet cloaks seen on lords and such in Renaissance art.

Mine tested at 24.64% THC and .47% CBD.  I’m feeling relaxed and warm, like someone is giving me a hug from behind.  I can’t think of anything else to say about the high other than it’s nice.

Would I buy Dom Perignon again?  Probably not.  While the smell and taste are up there with the best of ’em, the high isn’t unique enough to compel me to buy it again.  There are too many other new to me strains to try and old time favorites to revisit!



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