Strain Review: Blue Zombie (Bzb)

Omigosh you guys I’m on Cloud 9. So I went to my special place tonite and my crush was not there. However, another man who works there who has helped me before who I will nickname Mr. Indica was there. He too is quite handsome, I think he might be half East Indian and half American but I could be way off on that. He is dark, has chocolatey eyes and said, “Welcome back”.

I handed him my list and my usual chit chat – because outside of Facebook groups I really have no one to talk to and gush about weed to – and when he rang me up he said, “That’ll be $64.25”. I was startled. I had 6 grams of weed that I’d pre-priced at $94.25. I said, “Oh! That’s different than what I thought, thanks!”.

It had been nagging at me all evening at dinner with the folks how he had mis-rung my merchandise, then it dawned on me – he did the favor of charging me the med card price. I am a recreational user and don’t hold a med card.

I went back to Leafly when I got  home, and sure enough the med patient price did add up to what he charged me, so…. AWWWW! That made me feel very good!

One of the 3 strains I picked up was Blue Zombie.  The label on mine says it’s a 70/30 sativa dominant hybrid and tests at 22.91% THC and .05% CBD. It reminds me a lot of Blue Dream in both high and taste, so of course I like it!! It smells and tastes like blueberry and pine and is having a definite sativa energizing effect on me, but I can sleep in tomorrow so who cares if I’m up til all hours?

This one is very good, and I would buy it again if I were looking for a sativa that day.   It’s potent and you will get high quickly.  I feel it in the back of my head and it truly is like a triple shot of espresso, I am WIDE awake now at 9:34 pm.  I think I’m going to quit now and switch over to an indica to end my night 🙂


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