Wake and Bake is so Close at Hand!

TGIF, Stoner Friends!

Today is payday, and I’m daydreaming about going to Glisan Buds tonite to pick up some new (to me) strains, and of course to see Goth Boy!  I hope he is working tonite!  I will pick up:

1. Blue Zombie (must be new or local only, no info online)
2. Shiskaberry
3. Cannalope Kush
4. and of course the Friday special 25 cent joint with purchase!

Shortly after I get home I’m going to dinner with my family, so I’ll quickly toke on some Lemon Sour Diesel (LSD for short!) beforehand for some sparkles and a more energetic high.  I also have regular Sour Diesel in vape concentrate form, which combines nicely with the LSD.  Yes, I am a bit OCD..

This weekend I will for sure get more White Urkle at the dispensary by the gym if they still have it.  White Urkle is now my most favorite strain and not easy to find, so I may purchase my full 7 gram limit of it.

This weekend I need to top my plants.  A seasoned grower I know thinks we will start flowering in 4 weeks.  OMG I can hardly stand it!  I think I will literally cry for joy when I see my first cannabis flower.



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