Strain Review: Shishkaberry (Shi)

Tonite after a 3 hour walk/hike looking for Pokemon at Mt. Tabor I’m winding down with Shishkaberry.  This is the strongest indica I’ve used to date!  Mine tested at 24.94% THC and .04% CBD. This one truly makes you feel “stoned” as opposed to “high”.  My head feels heavy and my eyes feel puffy and red just like all the stoner cartoons, and I’m very relaxed. I used this briefly for twice and it put me to sleep both times.

I’m more awake tonite, so  I can finally experience and review it.  Shishkaberry smells and tastes good, like pine and frosted winter berry.  It’s a hard hitter and I highly recommend this one for people who have insomnia.  I give this strain full marks because of this medicinal potential, as it really can send me easily to sleep and I’m now a seasoned stoner.  It’s not a romantic journey like Blue Chunk or Ultra Violet, but it gets you to Slumberland fast and sometimes that’s what you need!




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