Sometimes You Gotta Mix it Up

Well that Cannalope Kush was a big disappointment.  The only thing that strain has going for it is it’s high THC content.  I had an equal amount of Jillybean left, which has a lower THC but smells and tastes out of this world and has a very pleasant high.  I just ground them both up and mixed them together, and it was the perfect solution!

I am so spoiled living in Oregon where cannabis is legal and I can smell everything before buying and can know its THC and CBD content at the very least.  I daydream about what the original cannabis was like before we cross bred it.  What did it smell and taste like?  It would be fun to be able to try an original unadulterated strain and see what Mother Nature intended for it, even if it meant a scratchy smoke that brought on paranoia.

Thank You, Breeders, who have refined the genetics over time to give us the smoothe tasty fruity potent strains we have today!   I love Ganja…


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