Strain Review: San Fernando Valley OG (Sfv)

San Fernando Valley OG is one I picked up from the dispensary by the gym.  It smells very nice, like sweet berries with pine.   It’s a sativa dominant hybrid and I’m enjoying it on a day of PTO immensely!  I can tell already I will definitely get more if they haven’t already sold out of it.  Wow!

San Fernando Valley OG is definitely in my top 5.  It smells and tastes great, and is strong.  Mine tested at 22.89% THC and zero CBDs.  I got high pretty fast, and the high is far out!  I’m feeling a definite sativa effect and am smiling ear to ear.  I do feel a gentle tug inviting me to lay down as well, so this could be one of those fantastic hybrids where you lay in bed, have a cerebral trip as your body melts into the mattress and you slooowly take your time going to sleep because you don’t want to let go of this magical THC journey in your mind’s eye..

We’ll see what happens as the day progresses, and what my cat nap is like!

Definitely pick this one up if you can.



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