Strain Review: Bubba’s Gift (Bgf)

Not much to relate after my pent up anticipation  for my Friday shopping at Glisan Buds. Goth Boy wasn’t working today. Mr. Indica was there but he was helping someone else. I managed a flirt and he totally flirted back, but there wasn’t time for it to go anywhere. I instead got Speech Impediment, who is a nice guy, but didn’t do me any favors. Even Vegan Hippy Dude will throw in a few extra 10ths of grams for free in.
Soooo tonite I’m smoking on Bubba’s Gift, which I picked up tonite. It gets really high ratings, and I wish I could give it high ratings too but as with Blueberry I just can’t.
Bubba’s Gift smells wonderful, like sweet grape/berry. Mine tested at 17.30% THC and .04% CBD. The high, however, is just average. So not a disappointment by any means but not in my top 10 either.
I did pick up Shishkaberry for the 3rd time, and THAT strain is an AWESOME indica, for anyone who is an indica lover like me.

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