Recipe: Rice Cooker CannaCakes

I’ll have to let you know in 5 hours or so how this was, but here is the other half of the rice cooker canna cake I made today. I unrolled 2 of the close to free joints with some kief from the grinder in coconut oil, and baked that. Then I added that to paleo banana baking flour (whatever, it was on sale) some banana cream whey protein powder, 5 egg whites, and cashew milk. It came out great, and I ate it with natural maple syrup.
The rice cooker is the perfect vehicle for making 2 serving cakes!

I only ate half of it because I’ve been smoking pot all day and drinking wine and we know how edibles can sneak up on a body!
Don’t stress out about this recipe if the kitchen intimidates you.  There’s no shame in buying a box of premix, following the exact directions on the box, and substituting any butter for cannabutter or cannaoil.  I personally prefer using coconut oil for my fatty THC extraction, but if you don’t like coconut oil look at stoner cookbooks online to find other oils and fats that work.

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