Back into Vaping

I didn’t think I’d switch back so soon, but here I am.  I now know that it will be in my nature to switch from preferring flower, then vaping concentrates, then back to flower again, etc.

For the past month or so I’ve really been into flower, but for whatever reason I’m back to vaping more.  My lungs are liking the switch, and when I’m out in the patio pool or out and about the pen is so very handy. No ash, no ashy taste, an assured high since it’s so concentrated/potent.  It’s so easy compared to smoking flower.

I still think flower is better to obtain the true full high of a strain, but since I am prone to pulmonary problems I will happily vape as long as that’s what’s in my groove.

Two of the three dispensaries I go to have had dab rig specials at really great prices but I’m just not ready to go there yet.  I’m sure the high is out of this world but I just don’t want to deal with the setup and getting more butane, etc.  However, one day my curiosity may get the better of me and I’ll give in to the wax craze, we’ll see.

REALLY glad the vape concentrates became legal in Oregon this summer!  They are the same strength that the med card users get and it’s nice to get more THC bang for your buck this way, and it’s easier on the lungs.  No pipes to clean, maybe a swab of rubbing alcohol now and then on the contacts of the e-pen and battery but other than that..

What can I say, I love Ganja, in all her shapes and forms 🙂






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