Update on the Girls 7/30/16

Update on the Girls:
I have learned so much during this first grow of mine. I’ve always said if even one of the four make it I’ll be happy, and unless they get stolen I’m thinking at least one will make it.
The last “god dammit!” moment (and there have been many along this journey) was when I bent a branch on Clone 3 too far. I repaired it with duct tape and that worked for a good 2 weeks but something happened and the branch broke. I cut off the branch at an angle, put in rooting hormone and then in water for a week to perk up and maybe grow a few hairs of roots where I could keep a good eye on her. I put her in rooting hormone again before putting her back in soil. She’s been back in the soil now for two days. She does NOT like the heat and gets a little wilty but I give her more water and at night she perks up and gets her strength back so we’ll see. I think she will pull through, but it was a big part of Clone 3. I put her back in the same pot and you can see the obvious height differences.
So now the “winner” of the 4 is probably the mother of them all, who I named Mistress Citrus (because it’s a Tangerine Dream strain) although Clone 1 in the ground is starting to get bigger fast. It’s so fun to watch! I already can’t wait to grow again next year! Next time an indica strain. I’d love one that had darker purpler leaves, big fat ones!
Clone 2 in the ground continues to be the smallest.
I am of course DYING to see a flower on any of them!

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