Kief, Flowering, and Branch 1

I’ve only been a stoner since mid-January and am still learning… so usually I save my kief for edibles, but last night I sprinkled a couple of teensy shovels’ worth from the “pollen catcher” in my grinder and put it on a bowl of Purple Urkle and it was REALLY nice.  I will save my kief for this use in the future.

I haven’t made many edibles lately.  I am dying to make a big batch of cannabis infused coconut oil with my own crop, provided there will be some left over to smoke and enjoy of course.

My girls are starting to become fragrant, and to me it is the nicest perfume there is… growing cannabis…ahh… there are little wispy hairs near some of the stems but I’m pretty sure it’s just new leaves…wishing they were the hairs of new flowers!  According to Tangerine Dream’s schedule it’s a late bloomer so so far everything is going as Nature planned.   And as much as I want to see flower I would like to see the girls get substantially bigger first.

Still, it is the beginning of August, so in a few weeks I should see something.  To think in a month I will be putting that cheap jeweler’s loupe to good use!

Because I’m impatient and fear them being stolen, I will harvest a big bunch of it when the trichomes are milky cloudy for a higher THC content and use that for the edibles, but I really want to wait until the majority have amber trichomes for a more couch lock high, which is my preference for smoking.  The heady highs can be great fun too but I feel less in control and I dislike the feeling of thoughts racing that can sometimes happen with sativas.  I prefer stupid relaxation. Couch lock is the best!

Lastly, Branch 1 seems to be re-rooting, but is under stress still.  She likes the night time when it is cool and she can sleep and heal, but during the day she wilts a bit in the sun.  She’s getting stronger each day though, and I hope she will flower with the rest of them!

I have a clone left in veg in the kitchen that I’m saving for a potential indoor grow once harvest is complete, and perhaps even grow it again next year outside.  I’m on a budget, so if I have to grow Tangerine Dream again next year, that’s okay, though in my eternal quest for variety I will probably cave and buy some indica seeds.  My favorite strain to date is still Blue Chunk, and if I could get seeds for that strain I would be in heaven.



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