Strain Review: Northern Lights (Nl)


To reward myself for going to kickboxing and not eating at Taco Hell I picked up 2 new carts of a new (to me) brand, Bom, or, Bandits Oil Mfg.

One cart is Northern Lights, which I’ve been wanting to try for months, and I hear it’s easy to grow, too! I’ve smoked Granddaddy Purple in flower form but not vaped its oil.

I’ve always wanted to try the famous indica, Northern Lights, because I’m on a continual quest for the perfect indica and I’ve heard Northern Lights is easy to grow.  This is my first time vaping BOM’s brand, and I gotta say I’m disappointed in the plastic tip because it gives the fragrant inhale a plasticky taste.   So I give BOM a bad review, basically, though I like that their label lists 5 terpene stats instead of the usual two.

Northern Lights is lovely!  It tastes at once floral and spicy – I’ve never smoked anything like it!  I read somewhere where someone said it was like green tea, and I totally agree with this too. This cartridge tested at 66.96% THC and .66% CBD.

The high is nice and slow to hit, and my body feels very relaxed.  My eyes feel puffy, and both that and cotton mouth for me are always good signs, those ones for whatever reason seem to give me the best most sensual high.

I will have to come back later and add on to this.  I’m sure there is more to this high but it just hasn’t hit yet.  This is making me think that regardless the % THC this could be a good beginner’s smoke, it won’t knock you on your ass right away.

(Later) I enjoy the taste of this strain, but the high vanishes almost as soon as it sets in.  I’m still enjoying vaping it, but am glad it only came in the half gram size and I won’t be buying it again, I’m afraid.



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