Cartridge Review: Hindu Kush (Hk)

I went to the Oregon Grown Gift Shop for their special today – an 8th of of Ancient Kush for $35 then get a joint for $1 – but they had just sold out.

However, they had at last  just got in new Select Strain cartridges, the only kind I will buy!  I couldn’t pass up the Hindu Kush at 81.19% THC and 2.23% CBD!  It’s a strong indica that smells and tastes incredible, like a sweet grape pine with black licorice.   It is hitting me hard and fast and I’m feeling a glorious couch lock set in.

The taste makes me think of strong Greek men swishing ouzo and crashing plates on the dance floor, then sitting back all tired, relaxed, smoking and telling tales.

This high is couch lock heavenly.  I’m gonna watch a few episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix and chill.

This could truly be a new favorite of mine.


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