A Blue Dream Sunday Family Reunion

I’m going with my folks to church before we head off to the family reunion picnic.  I’m vaping some Blue Dream concentrate at 65% THC and WhOa! am I feeling it FAST this morning!   I can suck on Lemon Haze or Northern Lights toke after toke and be fine but I’m feeling the Blue Dream right away with a PoW! and had to put the pen away in my purse to force me to stay steady.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had to do that since my tolerance is so high now, and it’s a fun feeling!

I think my body got used to the Lemon Haze and Northern Lights, while enjoyable, is kind of weak in that the high doesn’t last long.

So here I sit quite elevated in a  blue dream.  azure jelly doughnuts cerulean circles cobalt cliffs indigo blanket amen alleluia!”

(about a half hour later) Mom was having trouble in the loo this morning so we are skipping mass (oh darn lol) and I am high af.

(at home, after the reunion at J & B’s mansion in West Linn)  I kept escaping to the side of the property to sneak in tokes of Blue Dream and it totally made the day sparkle.  I had a lovely time.   I’m home in time now to take a nap if I wish though that’s probably not a good idea if I want to sleep well tonite.


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