Cartridge Review: Granddaddy Purple (Gdp)

Tonight I’m vaping BOM’s brand of Granddaddy Purple.  I am NOT a fan of BOM brand cartridges because the plastic tip makes the weed taste plasticky. I’m glad I only got a half gram of it.

I do, however, REALLY like Granddaddy Purple!  It does have a sweet berry taste mixed with lemon.  Yum!  This cartridge of BOM’s tested at 72.81% THC and .71% CBD and I’m enjoying a fun cerebral high while couch locked watching Stranger Things on Netflix. This strain is making me forgetful, which in turn is making me giggle.  I don’t want to move to get up to go to bed, I just want to vape more Granddaddy Purple and color all night long.

It is an indica though, and I have a feeling once my head hits the pillow I’ll be in Slumberland.




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