I Caved and Sent Away for Black Cream Seeds

Stoner friends, I caved and bought a packed of Black Cream autoflower/ruderalis seeds.  I like Southern Oregon Seeds because when you buy a [reasonably priced] packet of seeds they throw in a packet of similar seeds for free.

I have a feeling I will be sad once my Tangerine Dream harvest is over, so I’m going to give autoflower strains a try for indoor growing.  Black Cream isn’t on Leafly, but its parents are Cream Caramel and Purple Pakistani Kush and that sounds divine to me!



I’m feeling both ecstatic and intimidated by the 8 week time period from seed to harvest. Sure, I can grow something in two months no problem but since I’m not going the grow tent route I could only have a few branches with bud on them.  Even so it’s worth it, and I’ll get 10 seeds out of this.  Since I’ll be doing just one or two plants at a time indoors I suspect I will improve each time 🙂

So happy this is legal now.  This has got to be way easier than brewing beer yourself!


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