August 10th, 2016: My First Bloom!

I am a VERY happy parent today!   Clone 3 has some blooms on her!  I think Mistress Citrus does too, but the ones in the ground aren’t there yet.  The next 2 days will be sunny and hot, and the sunny part at least will be good for them.

This is the beginning!   I’m wondering how skunky they will smell?   They smell now, but nothing that would waft too far in any direction. Yet 🙂  I just fear them getting stolen. Please think good thoughts for me, Guys!

Fearing the Ripper, the new Blue Oyster Cult song – anyway because of this fear, and if you knew where I lived you’d understand –  I ordered a pack of Black Cream autoflower seeds to grow inside once this harvest is up.   They won’t be anywhere near as bountiful or yield as much as these, but I can have a home grown variety sooner since they are done in around two months.  This short life span just blows my mind!   Hope I can get at least an ounce off them though!  I have absolutely no idea what to expect, I see pics of some that do very well but they are probably pros using grow tents?  I’ll be growing in my kitchen, the same method I used to grow Mistress Citrus before putting her outside.

Because of the short life span it’s not recommended to top, fim, or trim; you want to keep the height and growth.  However, you can still bend the branches to the side so that other parts of that branch grow tall to get more colas.  See, I’ve been watching my YouTube tutorials and weed forums like crazy!

Puff puff pass everyone!


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