PPP It’s Party Time in the Pool!

At last we are getting some hot weather on the right days in Portland, Oregon, where it is legal to grow 4 cannabis plants per residence.  As you know, my girls started growing bud hairs a couple of days ago.  Dying to run home and see them to see what the sun and warmth did to them today!   I worry about it being too hot out, but I also worry about bud rot since I’m in the rainy Pacific Northwest.  However, I should be okay for the most part because Tangerine Dream has a 75 day flowering period,  so by around the first week in October I should be able to harvest!   .

I am beyond excited!   I cannot WAIT for that first inhale of my very own home grown!   I’m almost even more excited to make a big batch of cannaoil to make potent edibles with.

I have been waiting 7 months for this day.   It will be so odd starting autoflower from seed and having the entire process be done in just 2 months.  I’m very excited to see how I do with my low budget setup in the kitchen!

This weekend is another two day family reunion, and it could be a poignant one because this will probably be my mom’s last reunion.  I’m so very happy she will able to be with her family all in one place one last time!   She has 6 months or less to live, and to be honest I hope she goes quickly tonite in her sleep to save her suffering.  I’ve said everything to her I’ve wanted to say.  Still, I’m a total mess and break out into tears daily thinking about Mom..

To that end, I’m taking tomorrow off work to have a day alone and enjoy the sunshine in my patio pool since it will be in the 90’s.   I have plenty of weed and plan on being high 24/7 starting in about 2 hours through Sunday night!


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