Cartridge Review: Trinity (Tri)

In the name of the Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost, I think I met the new sativa of my dreams!  Tonite I picked up a Select Strains cartridge (my favorite brand) of Trinity, which tested at 76.90% THC 1.04% CBD . It tastes like NOTHING I’ve had before, like plum sake. In fact since I’m taking tomorrow off to be in my pool in the 90+ degree weather I’m going to go to the Asian grocery store 2 blocks from me to pick up some plum sake to go with Trinity tomorrow!

This is the PERFECT strain for artists and creativity! While I was out in my pool I was seeing in 3D magnified, and the colors of the leaves really popped out and I felt so in tune with Nature. I like this so much I may go back tomorrow and buy another one so that I will be sure and have this for awhile, holy fuck this is good.

If you want a cerebral high that takes you on a different intellectual and creative plane, this is it. It tastes great and unique, and its high is unforgettable.


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